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Bonrix Sancharnet.in SMS Systems (Call Us: +91 94260 45500)

Note: BSNL Internet Connection is must for following software. BSNL Internet Connection includes Dail-up(PSTN), Broadband(DataOne), DIAS, Lease Line etc. It is only available within India.

Check Speed of Instant Delivery of SMS
<<< Send TEST SMS Using Text Box Given Left Side and Check How fast is over Delivery, we provide Premium SMS all over India.


Bonrix SMS Server 4 Sancharnet.in
(only for sending Bulk SMS)

Bonrix Bidirectional SMS Server 4 Sancharnet.in
(for sending and receiving SMS)

Bulk SMS Prices - Premium High Priority SMS Gateway


No setup costs | No license costs | No monthly costs | No sender ID cost | 
You just pay a small fee per SMS | FREE API Integration Code

Premium Service Provider
Also "Pay by cheque/DD/Funds transfer" payment options available.

Package SMS Credits Price/
Cost in
Total cost in INR Validity
Trial 1000 0.15 150 15 165/- 3 Years
Basic 4000 0.11 440 45 485/- 3 Years
Silver  10000 0.09 900 93 993/- 3 Years
Gold 20000 0.07 1400 144 1,544/- 3 Years
Diamond 50000 0.055 2750 283 3,033/- 3 Years
Platinum 1 Lac 0.045 4500 464 4,964/- 3 Years
Super Saver 2L 2 Lac   0.04 8000 824 8,824/- 3 Years
Super Saver 5L 5 Lac 0.035 17500 1803 19,303/- 3 Years
Super Saver 10L + 10Lac 0.03 30000 3090 33,090/- 3 Years

We are the provider of High priority PREMIUM 
SMS Gateway for fast sms delivery.
Payment will be 100% advance
Do email us the details after payments with transaction id’s at info@bonrix.net .
Sancharnet.in (BSNL), SMS service from Sancharnet Email Service Introduced Features of your SMS account

SMS service through Internet (Sancharnet) launched wef 01.10.2004 across the country

The salient features of the service are as follows: www.sancharnet.in

  • The users can log into their Sancharnet Mail account and send SMS(s) to any mobile telephone user across the country as normal email, with recipient address as - 'mobile number@sms.sancharnet.in
  • ?The SMS can be sent to maximum 10 recipients per transaction at a time;
  • ?Size of SMS is limited to 300 characters. In case, the SMS is longer than 165 characters then it will be split into 2 parts of 165 characters and the balance characters. Characters beyond 300 will get truncated;
  • ?SMS to international destinations will not be available;
  • The pro-rata minutes shall be deducted per SMS as per Internet Plan taken by Sancharnet customers
  • The said facility shall not be available through CLI based Internet Service 'NetOne'.

Tariff for SMS through Sancharnet on National Level:

(i) Flat rate of Rs.0.30 paise per SMS on National level
(ii) Discount for bulk SMS on national level would be as follows:-

    Minimum committed SMS Volume per month Tariff
    Minimum 10,000 SMS per month @ Rs.0.25 paise per SMS
    Minimum 25,000 SMS per month @ Rs.0.20 paise per SMS

The above rates are for a period of three months and can be revised later on.

  • Send SMS to Indian GSM networks.

  • Send SMS from applications using Microsoft Outlook (Email)

  • Send Single or group/bulk SMS

  • Convenient address book feature to store mobile numbers

  • Web SMS for anywhere convenience

  • Desktop Phone Book software available

  • Integration With any Existing software

  • Complete accounting of sent messages maintained by www.sancharnet.in as well as Microsoft Outlook

  • Text message supported

  • GSM termination

  • Free DEMO is available.

  • Website plug-in can be easily developed

  • Convenient payment methods by sancharnet.in

  • 24 hour customer care by www.sancharnet.in and software support on +91 94260 45500


* No need to purchase SMS in BULK from international SMS gateway reseller.

* No need to depend on any other SMS service provider.

* Your brand name as sender name in SMS at place of your mobile number.

* Open account of www.sancharnet.in from us and start sending group/bulk SMS

Guide Lines for Single SMS Guide Lines for Bulk/Group SMS
  • Enter Sancharnet Email User Name and Password 
  • Click on Compose
  • Enter mobilenumber@sms.sancharnet.in in the To: field to send SMS to the mobilenumber of your choice (Do not prefix '0' before the mobile number)
  • Enter the short message text in the message window.
  • Click on Send and relax. SMS will immediately zip through to the mobilenumber .
  • You may Enter upto 10 mobilenumbers separated by commas in To: field to send SMS to 10 recipients simultaneously. Enter each mobilenumber as mobilenumber@sms.sancharnet.in.
  • Each SMS delivered per recipient is charged @ 30 Paise to your Sancharnet account
  • Check your SMS Count and Account Balance on Sancharnet Website ( www.sancharnet.in
STEP 1 : Pre-Required Software Installation ( First download and install following package)
Bonrix SMS Manager

Download Bonrix SMS Manager

* You Can Send Single SMS, Group SMS, SMS In Perticular Series And Also Random SMS Using This Package. 

* Before Installtion Of Any Given Software You First Need To Install This Package.

* Run INSTALL.BAT File To Install This Package

Bonrix SMS Directory Structure


Bonrix SMS Software Open Interface

Download Directory Structure * Copy This Directory Structure In Your Drive C:. 

* Run SETUP.BAT To Copy Directory Structure.

* Every Folde In This Directory Structure Provide Perticular Interface/Function According To Its Name.

Bonrix Sancharnet.in SMS Systems

STEP 2 : Download Following Software Installation According To Your Requirement

Latest Bonrix SMS Manager Download Latest Bonrix SMS Manager

* You Can Send Single SMS, Group SMS, SMS In Perticular Series And Also Random SMS Using This Package. 

* Supports International Mobile No Format.

Bonrix SMS Server 4 Sancharnet.in Download Bonrix SMS Server 4 Sancharnet.in * Send SMS From SMS Queue In Bonrix Folder in Drive C: To Given Mobile No. Through Microsoft Outlook

* Automatically Pickup SMS From Pending SMS Directory


Bonrix Bidirectional SMS Server 4 Sancharnet.in Download Bonrix Bidirectional SMS Server 4 Sancharnet.in

* Supports Both Incomming and Outgoing SMS.

* Receive SMS from Mobile Connected with PC and Send Reply SMS either through Internet SMS Gatway or Mobile.

Bonrix SMS Messenger Desktop

More Details..

Download Bonrix SMS Messenger Desktop


* Works With Bonrix SMS Server 4 Sancharnet.in

* Phone Book

* Send SMS, Group SMS Facilty from Phone Book


Bonrix SMS Messenger Client

(Corporate Edition)

(Network Based SMS Messenger)

(Contact at: +91 94260 45500)

* Works With Bonrix SMS Server 4 Sancharnet.in

* Phone Book

* Send SMS, Group SMS Facilty from Phone Book

* Network Based SMS Messenger: Use Single SMS Gateway from Multiple PC Within Same Network.

Address Management System

More Details..

Download Bonrix Address Management System

PreRequired: Office XP


Download Database Driver

* For Management Of Personal Address and Business Contact

* Search and Send SMS Facility, Group SMS Facilty from Addess Book

* Address Printing Facility on Address Label (2X6, 2X8, 3X8 per page)

* Advance Search Option with Print Facility 

Bonrix SMS Systems ( MORE SOFTWARE ...)

STEP 3 : Register You Software For Full Fuctionality (To Remove "Powered By: www.Bonrix .net" From SMS)

* Please Send Your Software CODE from Register Window, We Will Send You Software Release Code To Register Your Software.

* You Will Get Life Time Online Support On Ph.No. +91 94260 45500 And On info@bonrix.net.

* You Will Get Any Further Upgradation Free Of Charge.

* We Will Provide You Full Technical Support To Integrate Your Exisitng Software With Bonrix SMS System.

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Bonrix Software Systems
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