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****   Welcome to Bonrix Advance Sms Server 4 HTTP API Help    ****

(Multi Threaded, Unbelievable High Speed, Supports Multiple SMS Gateway)



Step 1: plz click on configure1 Button.


Step 2: Plz select the International Dialing rules for sending messages and  Log file also for creating detail Log file.




Step 3:  Whenever u can click on configure u can see this type of window





Step 4: plz click on the browse button to select the properties file.




*    Here we provide some  properties file of some service provider of HTTP API and other service provider is below:












Step 5: Plz click on the Second Browse Button and select the Queue.


Step 6:  Select Mobile No and Message 







Step 7: Select the Method (GetURL or PostURL) from HTTP Setting.



Step 8: Select the Number of Thread.



Step 9: If u want to check the Success and Failure delivery of messages so plz click On Error Failure Detection.



Step 10: Click the Start Button to connect server and start sending messages.


 Step 11: If u want to disconnect the server plz click on Stop Button.



Step 12: If u want to delete all the outgoing messages plz click on Delete Queue




Step 13: If u want to see the details of the queue plz click on Queue Detail…suppose u select here Com1queue

              So the queue detail is below



Step 14: If u want to check the details of the pending and urgent pending messages plz click on Default Inbox…


Step 15: If u want to create single pending and pendigurgent messages into queue



Step 16: If u want to send bulk messages to more than mobile no so use Group Msg




Step 17: Here we provide some format so u can send nice messages to friends.




Step 18: If u want to send same pending and pendigurgent messages to more than one mobile no so plz select CSV file



Step 19: About us




Step 20: Help about Project









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